This article is about an Internet term. For the web service with the same name, see            Blogger (service).">

A blogger is a person who writes a blog (or weblog). Bloggers are not a homogenous group. They have a variety of personal and professional motivations for blogging and they come from a variety of political, economic and social backgrounds. One way of segmenting bloggers is by their blog type:[1]
  • Personal: blog about topics of personal interest not associated with work
  • Professional: blog about industry and profession topics but not in an official capacity for a company
  • Corporate: blog for a company in an official capacity
Blogging is not a full-time job for most bloggers, nor is it their main source of income.[2] A blogger can also be a doctor, a mechanic, a lawyer or a musician, and thus bloggers typically maintain a variety of professions for which the act of blogging is their communicative outlet with the public.


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