Printing press.

Printing press

The printing press is one of the most important inventions of human history. No other invention has brought about such changes in human society as the press. Before this
invention, every book had to be laboriously
copied out by hand. It was a very slow and tedious process. It might take one year to
produce one cope of a book. In olden days,
books were very few and very costly only the rich
people could afford to possess them.
it was about the middle of the 15th century that printing by
movable wooden block was first introduced the town of Mainz in Germany.
the first printing press was set up in England by
caxton, in 1477. metal type were introduced later. Up
to the end of 18th century printing presses were operated with hands.
In 19th century the steam printing press was invented.
The great modern presses are more sophisticated.
They can print thousands of copies of a newspaper
with colorful photograph in an hours.

the inventions of printing press led to the rapied mass productions of book and the reductions in there
prices. Thousand of copies of a book can be printed
in a week and sold at a low price. Even a poor man can
now buy masterpieces for a few rupees. Cheap editions
of book are also brough out now, to enable large
number of people to buy them.
The mass production and the prices of book
has made universal education possible. Knowledge,
which was once the exclusive possession of a few,
is now the free inheritance of all. The doors of
knowledge are open to all. Today the printing press is playing a vital role in the service of mankind all over
the world.
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