The change of shoes in generations

I don’t know how many people know the origin of shoes, but there is such an interesting story talking about the shoes in a very ancient time. At that time people haven’t had shoes to wear. All days long they barefoot to slash and burn, hunting and fishing. There is a king as he always stay in the temple, so naturally his feet is very delicate, whenever lead the ministers to go out hunting, he always ordered someone the laying the hides all around the road, in order to avoid his feet were stabbed by the rocks. On this cumbersome and inconvenient way for many years then one day there is a famer said to the king that it can use the animal hide to wrap up the feet instead of use the animal hide to pave the way. Because of the suggestion of the famer the shoe was born.

Of course that in the ancient times not everyone can use skins to pack feet. As a result of the intelligence and wisdom of working people are fully excited. They knot grass shoes, then the sandals were born for the civilian population and become the most popular shoe. Later the Duke Jin invented a sabot. In the moderns also appeared a number of other footwear. One of it is called "spike" which is genuine leather shoes, and soaked inside the Tung oil when the production, therefore, it was rough, thick and hard. It also uses the cowhide to make the soles in a sticky layer. Then nail a dozen of brass nails. So if you wear it to walk it will make a noise like “ding”. Especially in the raining days its anti-skid function is the most impressive.

Upon my word, as a woman we get a great beneficiary from shoes in nowadays. In the generation of Ming and Qing Dynasties, a few pairs of shoes or bag embroidered shoes are enough for the women, as they were three-inch lotus feet. But you can see the women’s shoes in the shops. They are so many kinds; I assure that when you see that you may vertigo and chaos. Now the woman are already crossed the times that wear shoes to protect the foot and entered to the times of wear shoes for beauty. Woman who is in this time is luck and happy, a variety of shoes make them can not help but pick dazzled. In order to mach the shoes for beauty people also created the wholesale shoes. We have to admit that shoes and woman is really a natural fit. If you want to know more about the change of shoes in generations in other country and some picture above you can click here.


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