Essential Points for choosing Mens Dress Shirts

Have you ever noted the difference between men’s dress shirts and normal shirts? Most people are aware that mens dress shirts are important part of their dressing. Most men’s dress shirts have certain essential features. Designer buttons are one of the most important aspects that make up Mens Dress Shirts look the way they are supposed to look. For some of the best garment dress shirt it is important that it is opened from the front and provided with designer buttons that run from collar to the waist. Men’s dress shirts may have nearly seven buttons in the front, independent of its size. Having a button on the collar certainly is not required.

Collar styles might vary depending on the style of men’s dress shirts, but having a collar is very much essential. You can have a Windsor collar, a straight collar or a narrow collar. Some of the best dress shirts for men may also have Tony collar which covers the entire neck area. These types are also called as the button-down collars as they are buttoned to the shirt. Cuffs of men’s dress shirts cover the entire wrist area and are usually barrel type or French type cuff. If the edges of the cuff are made to overlap each other with a button on the top of mens dress shirts.

Some of the best dress shirts for men might also have an invisible feature like placket. This is in the form of a strip that in placed on the front of the shirt on which the buttons are sewed. This is usually 1.5 inches in width but the size can also vary depending on the size of the men’s dress shirts. Some of the best men’s dress shirts also have a number of pleats on them. If the shirt is formal then the pleats may be present on the back side. In case it is less formal then the pleats might be present in the center on the back side. Pockets may never be considered as an essential feature with these men’s dress shirts.

In some of the leading brands a single pocket might be present on the left side. In some designer shirts the pockets may also be covered with a single button or even a flap to cover. There are a number of people who simply like keeping these pockets open. In case you want to know more of these designer Men’s Dress Shirts then you can always try to log on to internet and go through various websites. There are a number of websites that might provide you with best collection of mens dress shirts at a much cheaper rates. Some of the best websites have a huge collection of designer shirts and you can always try choosing from different collection.


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