Types of hats


A Balmoral is a hat that has its origins from the 16th century Scottish history. Hat is named after the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. A Balmoral is traditionally made of soft wool and has a pompom on top, a flat crown and a checkered band. The checkered band is typically white and red.

Baseball Cap:

A baseball cap is perhaps the most popular type of hat in the U.S.. It is worn by men and women of all ages and is recognizable by its enlarged, firm and curved top. The rest of the hat typically fits tightly against the head. The baseball cap was first used for sport baseball, but is now worn by people all over the world as a casual hat.


A hat is a hat specially designed to keep your head warm in the winter months. Although there are different types of beanies - such as woven and knit beanies beanies - The main characteristic of a hat is a hat that is located relatively firmly against your head in an attempt to capture the heat.


A beret is a round hat, which is typically made of soft wool. Even if the crown is round, it is usually pushed aside. Beret, of French origin, is worn by both ordinary people and those in the military. Almost every culture has a beret-style hat.

From colorful knit berets to Standard Military Berets, both men and women can wear the beret.

Boonie Hat:

A Boonie hat has a stiff, wide brim. This corresponds to a bucket hat, but the rim is stiffer. Boonie hats are most common with military personnel, which is why most Boonie hats are camouflage. Boonie hats were first used by U.S. military during the Vietnam War.

Bowler Hat or Derby:

A bowler is a sturdy hat with a rounded crown. The rim of the hat goes off a few inches and is also rounded. The origin of the hat dates back to about 1850. The bowler hat got its name from the creators of the hat - Thomas Bowler and William Bowler. Historians believe that the bowler hat was created as a smart way to protect your head when on horseback.

Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, who know their bowler hats. In the U.S., is a bowler hat known as a "derby", while in England it is called a bowler.

Bucket Hat:

Bucket hats are typically made of cotton and has a broad, drooping rim that slopes downward torn eyes. Many people bear bucket hats for both fashion and practical purposes for sunscreen.

Gilligan from Gilligan's Island TV show may be the most famous wearer of the bucket hat. Bucket hats are also popular among fishermen.


A capuchon is a hat that is almost exclusively associated with Mardi Gras in New Orleans and elsewhere in southern Louisiana. The hat is shaped like a cone, and is clearly designed using vibrant colors, shapes and textures.

It is also common to capuchon to be constructed in a manner to match a Mardi Gras costume or theme and be accompanied by a mask.

Pronunciation: Cape-yoo-chin

Also known as: Mardi Gras hat, pointy hat, cone hats, funnel hat

Common misspellings: capachon, capuchan, Capuchin

Cloche Hat:

A Cloche hat is a bell-shaped hat that was popular in the 1920s. It has a narrow brim, a round crown and soft material. A Cloche hat is typically worn by women. The word "cloche" comes from the French word for "bell". Although it was the most popular 80 years ago, cloche hats, sometimes becoming more and more elegant in recent years.

Pronunciation: klôsh

Also known as: bell hat, flapper hat

Common misspellings: closhe hat, hat kloshe

Cowboy Hat:

The cowboy hat is a modern and functional hat. It is traditionally worn by farmers, ranches and cowboys for his protection against the natural elements. It is also very stylish.

Many companies offer hat cowboy hats in various colors, sizes and fabrics. The famous "ten gallon" cowboy hat was the traditional costume of the Mexican aristocracy.


A Fedora is made of soft felt and is most recognizable by its pinched front and the crease that travels longitudinally at the crown. The rim extends beyond and is sometimes bent over her eyes. Most Fedora hat features a hat band.

Fedora first appeared in the late 1800s, however this style of hat did not become popular until the 1930s. Still popular today, Fedora is often associated in modern times with wealth and class. Men ranging from Humphrey Bogart to the fictional Indiana Jones is known for their Fedora hat.

Also known as: Gangster hat, Indiana Jones hat Trilby Hat


A fez is a hat that is the shape of a shortened cone and is most commonly red. The hat is also usually made of felt and has an edge.

Goes back to the Ottoman Empire, the fez hat is of Greek origin. Although it is not worn much longer, it has a history of use in certain religions, governments and military. Today, it is found predominantly in the eastern hemisphere in places like South Asia. In America, traditionally Shrines wear a red fez.

Also known as: fezzi, phecy, chechia, tarboosh, Rumi topi, movlana Rumi's cap, péèi, songkok

Common misspellings: fezz

Newspaper Boy Cap:

The newsboy cap is a hat for casual occasions. It has a rounded, swollen body and is marked with his trademark button on top. These caps come in tweed, wool, leather and some other substances. The newsboy cap was a hit in the century and has made its way back into fashion for both men and women in recent years.

Also known as: baker boy cap, eight panel cap, eight quarters hat Gatsby Hat

Panama hat:

Panama hat from Ecuador. It is traditionally made using Toquilla straw plant. The hats were originally all made in Ecuador and shipped through the Panama Canal to the rest of the world.

His hat was popular in the U.S. after Teddy Roosevelt began to wear it. They're perfect for warm climates and complement evening dress.

Porkpie Hat:

The porkpie hat is a part of the traditional attire of American jazz and blues musicians. It has a short and indented flat top. The porkpie style was once prevalent in England, Jamaica, Australia and New Guinea. Women in the 19th century often wore such a hat also.

This hat was named after pork pies, because they share a similar form.

Top Hat:

The tall hat was popular among men in the 19 and early 20th century. Its brand quality is high and flat crown. It has a great edge and men wore it more as a status symbol than the sun.

The most expensive top hats were made of beaver fur. Abraham Lincoln was the first American to popularize the high hat. In modern times, high hats usually worn only by the costumes and the occasional formal tuxedo.

Trilby Hat:

The Trilby Hat uses soft felt material and a narrow edge to complement its strong specific crown. The materials used to make hats ranging from wool, tweed and rabid hair. These stylish hats originated in London.

Notable celebrities and musicians such as Mos Def, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have done Trilby popular in American pop culture. A Trilby hat is very similar to a Fedora, but usually has a slightly shorter brim.


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